Movement Medicine and women’s cycle
To celebrate all of our different seasons

Body and #Storytelling in Movement

What is it?
An idea “incubator”, one-day experiential workshop. To learn how to welcome our instinctual strength, which reconnects us to our feminine power. To give space to the new story that our body has been trying to tell us for years, letting it emerge. But mainly, to REBEL(LE), that is, to reconnect with beauty (inside and outside) from our hearts.

What to expect?
Movement and connection • with ourselves, other women, nature and the elements • meditation • free dance • weaving • ritual

The work I’ve done with Silvana has gifted me with a new key for the way I read myself. It was as if I was handed a map with my name on it (and now my partner wants his own map!). I rediscovered how dance heals me, nurtures me and puts my whole body into motion with grace and respect.”
Maddalena, Milano


Who it is for: Women 18+. You are all welcome! No previous experience with dance or meditation required.

When: Saturday 12 May 2018, 10.00-17.00

Where: Athens • MyYoga.gr, 43 Evritanias Str., 115 23 Athens

Silvana Rigobon is the first certified Movement Medicine Teacher in Italy and Movement Medicine Italia co-organiser. She has been trained at the Red School and the School of Movement Medicine in the UK. She teaches in Italy and abroad (Lituania, France, Biellorusia, Hungary, Switzerland, Turkey, India). She follows the Movement Medicine Association code of contact.

For more information and bookings, please contact:
Maria Varela, Local Organiser, Movement Medicine Greece
Email: movement.medicine.greece@gmail.com • Facebook Page: Movement Medicine Greece