Movement Medicine Certified Teacher & Local Organiser

María Varelá is a certified Movement Medicine Teacher and local organiser for Greece. She has been following the practice’s dancing path since 2014 and completed the pre-requisites, Apprenticeship Programme & Professional Training with founders Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan in Devon, England. She teaches mindful movement classes as well as introductory workshops in person and online, and has been a School of Movement Medicine Local Organiser for Greece since July 2017.

Her first point of contact with meditation and movement were Osho active meditations and meditative therapies (2006) by which she was inspired to delve into the Twice Born – Primal Training (2007-2009) in Greece and Italy. Having already felt a strong connection, through this field of meditative and experiential approaches to healing, to the liberating power of dance, she found herself consistently participating in Cathy Ryan’s 5Rhythms workshops in Athens and Thessaloniki (2011-2014). Movement and dance showed her, again, the point where all the pieces of research and personal quest are connected and come alive: within the moving body. And this is where she keeps coming back to search, and find, the richness of her experience as a human being in skin, muscles and bones.

Her academic background is in Translation Studies (BA), European Studies (MA) and Political Discourse Analysis (PhD). She has lived in England, Italy and Spain, where she spent time working as a researcher at Deusto University in Bilbao. She has travelled extensively in Europe, and Mexico, presenting papers in international conferences focused on discourse analysis and related fields. She is also working as an editor, technical writer and writing consultant for non-native English speakers in academia internationally.

Original post: 14/10/2017