Movement Medicine Online with Maria Varelá

Weekly Friday Sessions 15.05-12.06.2020, 19.00-20.30

Online movement practice to stay connected, move and dance through whatever we are facing -physically, emotionally, mentally- during these extraordinary times – from home

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Throughout the quarantine, and almost for two months, a cycle of seven free Movement Medicine sessions was offered online. Seen how unexpectedly helpful this online experiment has been to many people, and how uncertain the outside environment remains, the sessions will continue online.

What’s the purpose?

Coming back to the body, our own deeper presence; and finding a sense of “togetherness” while keeping our distance. Letting our bodies move, staying ‘inside’ as the times demand, but in freedom. Bringing breath and expression to the space that is available to us and sense how we can expand it – also expanding our awareness, compassion and understanding for ourselves and the world.

Our main objectives, and benefits of continuous practice, are:

• Cultivate our own self-care and strength practices, tapping into resources such as inner calm and resilience that can help us face the insecurity of today and the unknown we are faced with.

• Connect to our bodies and ourselves and find our own, natural, way to physically process all these rapid changes, over which we have no control.

• Allow our bodies (and our voices!) to express freely through movement. No choreography to follow, simply our personal kinetic experience.

• Release some of the mental, emotional and even physical burden, extra worry and pressure of these challenging times and replenish our system.

• Find the “eye of the storm” inside us – that is, expand/deepen our awareness to include the still point that allows us to remain present and respond to the situation around us without losing contact with our own self.

We will dance using basic tools from the Movement Medicine dance meditation practice ‘movement toolkit’.

In each session, we will be exploring a different quality in our dance, always with the intention to support and strengthen ourselves and the people we are connected to.

No previous experience with dance or meditation is required.

Check out the facebook event here: Movement Medicine Online • Care & Strength in Challenging Times.


There are two options of participation, full cycle and drop-in class (sliding scale available for this). Due to the current circumstances, payment needs to be made via bank transfer up to 24 hours before the class.

Please contact us at the email address mentioned above for detailed information on pricing.

-> The link you receive is personal and can only be used by the person who has paid for the class.

-> Cameras are on for these classes. If you believe you have a serious reason for your camera not to be on, please contact the facilitator to discuss this and assess the issue together.

Sessions led by: Maria Varelá, Movement Medicine Greece



.We will be using zoom, a well-known and fairly reliable platform for online calls and webinars.

. We will mostly dance with less guidance than a face-to-face class (this will also depend on how helpful technology is!). There will definitely be an introduction and instructions at the beginning of the practice as well as a few words at the end.

You will need:

– A laptop, pc or any electronic device you’re comfortable with.

– Speakers or headphones, so you can listen to the music better.

– To download zoom ( on your device, if you don’t already use it. It’s free, you can sign up using your email and the process is quite easy and fast. Please visit the Zoom Help Center page if you need more info on the app.



– PAY ATTENTION to the space around you. Remove any object that might become an obstacle while you’re moving – stuff that you’ve left here and there, your children’s toys etc. Keep your water bottle at a safe distance.

– Be mindful when you are moving. Each one of us is responsible for their own body during the practice. See if it’s safer for you to dance with your socks on or off, depending on the kind of floor you’re moving on. If there’s a carpet, make sure it’s stable.

– Respect your body’s limitations, you’re the only one who knows its exact condition; please don’t try to overcome anything, just listen to your body.

– There’s always a possibility that technology will not be on our side for each step of the way. If any issues are known at the beginning, I will let you know, so we can all keep them in mind. If they come up during the session, we will do our best to dance with that too.

– Each one of us will be in their own dance, and so each journey will be deeply personal.